1 Day MBA

Are you an entrepreneur? Have you ever dreamed of studying an MBA for effective business operations? If yes…… then come and join with us.

Why this Course?

  • To gain and apply valuable business skills that need to make a real difference in an organization


Who should attend the Course?

This course is mainly designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are running their own business. It is also helpful for:

  • Business managers
  • Business Graduates
  • Teachers, lectures and professors

Our Commitment

  • 1 Day MBA Provides necessary business skills for creating winning strategies and suggests practical steps to apply in your business
  • 1 Day MBA covers all the necessary contents covered in top business schools like Harvard Business School, London Business School, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, INSEAD, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Oxford University etc.
  • Our vision is to make an impact in your business

What they teach and what we teach

  • They teach for students, we teach for entrepreneurs
  • They teach for money, we teach for mastery
  • They teach for certificates, we teach for competency
  • They teach theory, we teach practical applications
  • They waste your time, we save your time
  • They forget after 2 years, we take lifetime responsibility
  • They make you unemployed, we make you self-employed


Our Curriculum covers 20 subject areas

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Management
  • People Management
  • Business ethics & CSR
  • System & Compliance
  • Managerial economics
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Business sustainability
  • Business scalability
  • Marketing philosophy
  • Selling strategy
  • Data analysis and decision making
  • Customer acquisition and retention policy
  • Corporate culture
  • Business communication
  • Organizational structure
  • Change management
  • Strategic management
  • Art of entrepreneurship


Signature techniques covered in the workshop

  • Management and leadership lessons from Bhagavad Gita
  • Management and leadership lessons from Chanakya Niti
  • Reiki techniques to gain and retain universal energy
  • NLP techniques to re-program your sub-conscious mind
  • Case studies and real life success stories related to your business
  • Energy therapy and meditation techniques for everlasting enthusiasm and confidence
  • High energy motivational sessions


Major Benefits/What You’ll Learn

  • Become a skilled entrepreneur to run an organization
  • Learn to prepare business plans, business model and budgeting
  • Make an instant impact in every sector of your business
  • How to work in a team
  • Implement a magical corporate culture
  • Learn to engage people for free
  • Handle change management
  • Helps to create VVG and its implementation
  • Learn to motivate team members
  • Understand the external environment and its impact in business
  • Track your cash flow cycle
  • Learn to convert all expenses into business promotion expenses
  • Lear to read financial statements like a chartered accountant
  • Manage time
  • Helps to manage CAS
  • To achieve target with peak performance
  • Deal with tough situations and challenging issues
  • Able to manage both personal and professional life
  • Can drive the organization in maximum gear without any accident
  • Become an influence for stakeholders
  • Learn to convert problems into opportunities
  • Learn the techniques to increase sales 100 times


What we provide?

  • Handouts and books
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime support

Duration of workshop


Total Days: 1


Hours Per Day


Total Days: 2


Hours Per Day


Total Days: 6


Hours Per Day

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