Energy for Empowerment – Corporates

Why this workshop?

  • To stay energetic, motivated and productive at work every single day

Who should attend the workshop?

  • This workshop is designed for lower and middle level corporate professionals

Topics & Techniques covered in the workshop

  • Techniques to get awards, rewards and promotions every year
  • How to enjoy each and every work in your office
  • How to meet your target
  • Identify the gap between you and your manager/boss
  • Body language and communication style
  • Time management
  • Mind management
  • CAS management
  • Relationship management
  • How to become fresh and energetic all the time
  • How to impress your manager/boss
  • Become a leader in implementing good corporate culture
  • NLP, Reiki & Self hypnosis technique to reprogram your subconscious mind
  • Bhagavad Gita, Chanakya Niti & Tao Te Ching learnings for self motivation

Major Benefits/What You’ll Learn

  • Helps to stay energetic, motivated and productive
  • Helps to meet your target and impress your manager
  • Learn to be an ACE all the time
  • Know how to become the leader in your organization
  • Manage relationship and get rid of gossiping
  • Become a salable and valuable employee
  • Learn to convert enemies to well wishers
  • Understand the value of salary & benefits
  • Become a problem solver of all co-workers
  • Learn to work in a team
  • Follow gratitude philosophy and become a magnetic personality
  • Learn the techniques of focus and concentration
  • Learn to enjoy all kind of works

What we provide?

  • Handouts and books
  • Certificate of completion

Duration of workshop


Total Days: 3


Hours Per Day


Total Days: 1


Hours Per Day

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