Energy for Empowerment – Students

Why this workshop?

  • To stay energetic and motivated all the time
  • To utilize your maximum potential
  • To enjoy your exams

Topics & Techniques covered in the workshop

  • How to maximize your brain power
  • How to increase focus and concentration
  • How to manage time in examinations
  • How to overcome exam fears and anxiety
  • The magic of active listening
  • Motivation from real life stories
  • Practice DA technique
  • Reality of belief system
  • How to get rid of addictions
  • Energy acquisition and retention technique
  • Anger management
  • Speed reading techniques

Major Benefits/What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to become a self motivated student
  • Increase concentration power
  • Remember A to Z lecture contents
  • Realize every day is a new day and stay motivated
  • Lean to read an entire book in a single day
  • Learn to compete with our-self
  • Understand how to make today better than yesterday
  • Learn to convince teachers and parents
  • Learn to prepare practical plans and implementation strategy
  • Learn how to quit an addiction
  • Helps to manage love & sex relationship
  • Helps to overcome fear and anxiety and enjoy exams
  • Learn time management skills
  • Learn to architect your habits

What we provide?

  • Handouts and books
  • Certificate of completion

Duration of workshop


Total Days: 3


Hours Per Day


Total Days: 1


Hours Per Day

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