Leadership Principles from Bhagavad Gita
    February 14, 2019 < Santosh Khanal Category:Leadership

Leadership Principles from Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad gita is the holy scripture given by Shree Krishna to Arjuna more than 5000 years ago in kurukshestra, India. It is the most incredible scripture in the history of humanity that educates mankind. Bhagavad gita consists of 18 chapters and 700 verses. Many people believe that Bhagavad Gita is all about religion, spirituality and philosophy. But for me it is the global university where we can learn about mind, management, entrepreneurship and leadership principles. If we look closely, the great gita contains many verses related to leadership lessons similar to contemporary leadership principles. Here I have extracted some valuable leadership lessons from Bhagavad Gita which is helpful for all human beings.

Leaders accept the change and do not fear about death. (Based on BG 2.13)

Leaders never lose hope during unfavorable situation because everything is temporary. They learn to tolerate these situations without being disturbed (Based on BG 2.14)

Leaders can control their senses by practicing the regulated principles of freedom and therefore, are free from all attachment and aversion (Based on BG 2.64)

Leaders provide examples and set benchmark through their action. They are always an influence for general people (Based on BG 3.21)

Leaders manifest themselves whenever there is decline in righteousness (Based on BG 4.7)

Leaders believe in transcendental knowledge (Based on BG 4.36)

Leaders see with equal vision. They never discriminate people because they believe in equality (Based on BG 5.18, 6.32, 9.29)

Leaders conquer their restless mind and make their mind the best friend (Based on BG 6.6)

Leaders are free from all illusion, false prestige and false association. They are free from the duality of happiness and distress (Based on BG 15.5)

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